The first line of Defence

We develop products to solve the biggest problems the world faces
with food and pharmaceutical traceability, anti-counterfeiting,
product modification and tampering.

The Problem

Product distribution networks are ever growing in depth and complexity, which makes it difficult for you, the producer, to trace where your products have been distributed to.

An inability to identify and to alert affected consumers in the event of an emergency product recall.
Virtually no information on whether the network is protecting the product.
Weak information about who is purchasing the products and where.

In countries like China, product modification and counterfeiting

are additional problems. Where there is profit,

there is someone looking to get a piece of it.

Image Map

This results in

Fake Goods

Entirely fake, manufactured foods such as “glue milk”, and “fake eggs”.

Counterfiet Brands

Fake packaged products which are made to look indistinguishable from the original brand.

False Expiry Dates

End-user consumers are unable to protect themselves against compromised food products.

The Solution

Application Apply a small Vindlar QR code to each product as it comes off the production line.

Network Verification Verification of the product at any stage of the distribution network. Ensure products end up where they were intended to.

Consumer Verification Scan to verify the product is genuine. Further engagement through gamification (sweepstakes/instant win/ringtones) and/or other loyalty solutions.